Options Strategies – A Mentorship program

Hello friend, 

When I started my trading journey 8 years back, my broker suggests me to start with options. My first order was a buy trade in Nifty call option. I was the first in my family & friends who started trading in this market. No one there who can help and tell me what should I do and not to do.

In this trading journey, I met with so many kind-hearted persons who helped me in every stage of this trading journey. I convey my deep respect and thanking all these mentors. 

I started with options but later I switch to futures and started my trading in the future market. I Learn technical analysis, do lots of practice with some virtual platforms like meta-trader etc and finally, I manage to stand with those successful traders who are making money in the future market consistently month after month.

When I was trading with the future market, risk management was the main concern. Because I was coming from a middle-class family, so I don’t have that much capital but the risk in the future market is a little high which was creating some problems for me.

Later I decided to switch to option hedging strategies to minimize my risk and generate some consistent monthly income. I read some books, attend some classes of some good mentors and implement these learnings in my trading activities.

Whatever I’m going to share in this mentorship program comes with my own personal experience. 

What will I learn in this course?

This course has two modules:

  1. Beginner Module
  2. Advance Modules

In the Beginner module, we’ll learn about the basics of options like what is options? How many types of options there? What are greeks? what is Implied volatility? and some basic strategies.

In the advanced module, You will learn about some advanced strategies. Some monthly income strategies, Event-based strategies, result orientated strategies etc. Entry rules for these strategies and the adjustments to reduce your risk. 

Every strategy you will learn here is a rule-based strategy. 

In this program, our main focus will be on adjustments.

You can read or learn about these strategies from anywhere, but for every strategy, there are certain rules which we need to focus on. We’ll discuss these rules here. What will happen if the script starts moving against your predictions? what should be your adjustments? This will be our main objective in this course.

Duration for this Course: 

This is a recorded course, you will get access for the next 365 days. You can see these recorded videos as many time as you want in these 365 days. I will give you lifetime access to our facebook group where you can ask your queries, I too will share my live trades and strategies in that group. So that you can recover your fee in your initial days itself. I will be available on WhatsApp for live assistance if you require any.